AppCall as A lead Management System

Managing leads is one of the very important aspects in the sales process; if you can manage it well definitely you’re ending up in to generating more sales, to handle leads effectively one should be have right people, right process and right technology to know all the steps you engage with your potential clients or

present customers. By having all the measurements you can check the effectiveness of sales process and you can take appropriate actions based on the all data to improve your business results.

Now there are many ways to do communication or customer engagement like email, online presence, telephonically if we talk about today the maximum communication and client engagement is happens on mobile phone only. Now the challenge is that how the manager know what all communication is going between the sales staff and the clients, one should have proper reporting about everyday sales calls of his staff, includes call recordings, the complete records of every client engagement points, SMS tracking, also the status of every sales call and not only the data collection will complete the job, the data should in properly segregated in simple reports, sales charts, effort based reports, staff calling reports, etc. should be required to understand all the activities with a simple glance.

Now this is the place where AppCall comes.

Appcall technology is developed to measure all the quantitative data from the mobile itself, i.e. all the telephonic engagement happen with the clients by your staff will be measured by appcall, and stored in server and then arranged in proper reports, so one could check everything with a with all analytical reporting’s.

Now whenever your sales team receives or dial any client number, appcall monitor all the activities from their android phone devices itself, and data is sent on cloud.

Appcall allow every user to write the comment and add status of every sales call once it is over, it may either a outgoing or incoming, where the user can write the summery of the call and add the status and even set the follow up with respect to date and time, so now your phone is itself is going to give you the reminder on the set date and time so your staff will be more effectively do the follow ups, and further as already shared all this activities will be shared on cloud, along with call recordings, which will available for the staff as well as for the management. so the manager has the full access to all the call activities with real time reporting, so appcall help so one could which is very beneficial as one could easily know what is going on in sales process.

All the potential clients’ (leads) complete transaction and engagement history will be available with management and the staff, which really help them to generate more sales and conversions. With all its amazing features appcall really comes as a great solution as a lead management system. I personally recommend Appcall to all the business, to stop live in unorganized sales process it’s time to change to be organized and do great ahead.