APPCALL Cloud Center (Employee location tracker)

For the companies whose staff works mainly in field, the main concern is to manage the field staff activities, where the different employees/ staff are currently located, where they have moved for whole day or whole month. Even sometimes it is noted that some employees plays with this, and use to take rest at home or somewhere else but they report to management that they are on the site and doing the job.

Even this become difficult for the manager to create the correct reports and in the end management has to pay the perks which are not even spent by the employees on the field activities. Sometime few employees mislead too by telling wrong locations, and so on. But the question comes how one can control all these; the only solution to manage all the field activities is to get the real time information and the complete stats about employee locations.

Do you face above difficulty in managing your field staff? Like, where they currently are? Where they reached? Or want to know where your loved ones located?
Now Locate: Anything, Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere with AppCall tracking tool. AppCall tracking tool gives you real time locations of your field staff and help you to connect with loved ones
AppCall’s tracking tool is the solution for all your above difficulties. AppCall provides you your personal control panel, where you can get real time locations analytics of your field staff or family members, it gives you all reports even if that person doesn’t has mobile internet.

With AppCall location tracker (employee location tracker), you will get real time details of the locations of your field staff. Hence give you more control over your staff field activities to control and get the maximum output from the field work. Even if the person not have any internet connecting then also there is no boundations, you still get all the staff locations on real time basics.