How Appcall works?

Appcall works with all mobile calling and sms activities, as when any call happens incoming or outgoing, it first record all the call and send it to the cloud immediately. Once the call is over it ask the user to add the remarks for that particular call. User can write the summary of call, can put on reminder call, and also select from the dropdown menu to add the status of the call (Hot, cold or not interested).

This call summary (remarks) will be then uploaded on cloud database where you will get the complete reporting of the call activities. Now whenever user receive or dial the particular mobile number, Appcall will show these remarks on screen with simple pop us. Which really help user to handle the call more effectively.

Next along with the calling details it also monitors the SMS communicationbetween the user and clients with respect to the particular numbers.Another lovely feature include in AppCall is the Chat module. Which connect all team members 24*7 for business discussions, one can create different groups within the team for specific projects discussions. And it also connects the user with his/her Website live chat module, so if any website visitor needs any additional support through live chat, you can easily share and answer his queries from your phone itself.

The Next feature, but another great tool appcall provide its user is the Auto Dialer, which reduce the effort and time but increase the productivity of your staff. And you will get the real time reports of all your staff performances, like how many calls are made by each staff member, how much is the productivity, how much sales are made, etc.

AppCall reminder tool is another great feature, which help User to get reminder notifications of the meetings as per the set timings. This will help user not to miss any important follow ups and meetings. Which ultimately enhance the performance of your sales force.