How AppCall adds to the productivity of the work force?

Improving productivity means that leads to the continual improvement of the process. To do so the first stage is to collect all the data to answer all your business questions. AppCall, will also do the same by collecting all the data of your sales process directly from their business mobiles to the appcall Cloud database, without much efforts.
The next stage is the Reporting, so once the data is available at Appcall cloud database, it packet all the information in the readable format with proper reports of all sales force, which is available for the mangers or decision makers to take appropriate actions where the process is getting lacked in performance.
The third stage is to analyze that data available on appcall cloud database to check deeply where the performance is getting lacked, where the sales are getting lost, where the process need improving like may be staff needs more trainings on making follow ups and in closing deals with the conversions, where they might getting lacked.
The next step is to test your different solutions to solve the problem in sales process. Like you might find that many of your sales force is getting lacked in answering some common technical queries asked by the clients as AppCall empower you all the sales call records and the efforts made for each call. So it is a nice solution to provide more training to your work force to make them capable of answering and handling the queries effectively.
The final step is to improve, so whatever solution you got you have to apply to your process, but it is not stop here, it continue with again to collect data and start the same process again to keep on doing improve in your sales process.
So we can say AppCall Cloud Center is more about a productivity app, which is going to help you to improve your process continually.